With funding from the Colorado Health Foundation of $30,000 to the Colorado District Council of ULI (ULI Colorado), ULI Colorado will host several Building Healthy Places (BHP) workshops during 2016.  These locations will be announced in the coming weeks.

ULI Colorado hosted a selective application process to identify the two final communities. The workshops will bring together 8-to-10 ULI volunteer experts with community leaders to envision new designs, developments and infrastructure that will benefit community health.

In a one-day exercise, these workshops will study the selected communities and provide observations, findings, recommendations, and practical first and next steps in retrofitting or designing the built environment to enhance community health and wellness.
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Please list the partner or stakeholder organizations or entities you plan to engage in the BHP workshop process with ULI Colorado. ULI seeks communities that will engage a group of stakeholders across different sectors, including local government, community-based organizations, businesses and residents. At least one local government entity or representative (e.g. planning commissioner, city council member, or community planner) must be involved. Existing coalitions, stakeholder groups or other community partnership entities are preferred.

Please include a partnership or letter of support from a planning agency with direct jurisdictional oversight. Email the letter to ULIcolorado2016@gmail.com and type "yes" below to confirm that you have emailed the letter. *

Please include a letter of support from elected or public official. Email the letter to ULIcolorado2016@gmail.com and type "yes" below to confirm that you have emailed the letter. *

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The BHP Workshops prioritizes high-need communities to improve access to active living. ULI Colorado will consider a variety of factors such as:
• Population trends (is population increasing, decreasing or stable?)
• Health status data demonstrating higher than normal rates of obesity and diseases related to inactivity and poor diet
• Disparities in access to active living opportunities, including active living and healthy food, for specific groups in the
• Poor access to healthy food markets, sidewalks, greenways, parks, walkable destinations (such as schools and
commercial districts),
• Access to transit
• Building stock (including homes, schools, workplaces) that does not provide occupants with access to natural light, fresh air, walkable destinations, outdoor recreation.

What is the total population of your community?

Please describe your community and its needs.  Be sure to name the key opportunities and challenges related to the built environment and active living in your community (200 words maximum). *

Which groups (e.g. school kids, low-income residents, racial/ethnic minority groups, older adults, individuals with disabilities or others) experience greater barriers to active living compared to the overall population? If so, what are the barriers and how would you engage these underrepresented groups in this initiative? *

Describe  specific efforts the community or individual stakeholders have made to address the built environment and active living in the community. *

Do the partners listed in the Partner/Stakeholder Organizations section of this application form have previous experience collaborating on active living efforts or other community issues or projects? *

Why is your community interested in the opportunity to participate in the BHP Workshop? *

Describe and quantify if possible your community’s level of support to work toward change (200 words maximum). Successful applicants will have strong and explicit support from many of the following:
• elected leaders and other public officials,
• nonprofits/community organizations,
• the faith-based community,
• neighborhood groups. *

Please attach photos, demographic data, health data and other pertinent information about your site, including any previous planning reports or studies. Email attachments to ULIcolorado2016@gmail.com and type "yes" below to confirm that you have emailed them. *

Timeline (desired timeline, dates are tentative)
Application made available 5/17
Applications due 6/17
Review Panel evaluation 6/20
Notification of Awardees 6/25
Building Healthy Places Panel Project Duration July to October

Thank you for applying to participate in ULI Colorado's Building Healthy Places Initiative!

For more information, please visit: Colorado.uli.org/uli-in-action/building-healthy-places-initiative.

For questions or to get more information, please email Eric Swan at eric.swan@uli.org. Thank you!

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