Development 360 is a mentoring program for ULI Colorado Young Leaders, to educate them, through in depth, project-specific information, about the development process. Participants who apply and are accepted through a competitive application process, will attend 7 planned sessions over the course of 3 months. They will learn about the development of a specific project or case study through planned curriculum, facilitated and taught by the project’s developer. This program is a more rigorous version 2.0 of ULI Colorado’s Partnership Forum. Participants must have completed at least one year of the Partnership Forum to be eligible to participate. Please have your ULI Membership ID and a current biography ready to complete this application.

A letter of reference from a more senior real estate professional or colleague is suggested, however not required. Letters of reference can be uploaded at a later point in this application.
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ULI Colorado recommends a letter of reference from a more senior real estate professional or colleague, although this is not required. If you will be submitting a letter of reference please upload it here:

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I understand I can serve on both of ULI Colorado’s YLG Mentoring Programs at one time, to include the Partnership Forum and Development 360, but must have completed a full year of the Partnership Forum before participating in Development 360. I also understand that, if selected to participate in Development 360, a one-time Program Affiliation Fee of $225 will be charged.   I agree to uphold the privacy policy of each session and will not share the information disclosed in program sessions outside of the participatory group.   By applying to participate in Development 360, I am not guaranteed a spot. My application and biography will be given to the program planning committee for review.

You will be notified of your acceptance by Friday, July 14. *

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