ULI Colorado 2017 Denver Metro Area Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) Funding Application

Through a $10,000 grant in funding from DRCOG, ULI Colorado is accepting requests from applicants including public agencies, nonprofits, and institutions (or private entities working in a public-private partnership) seeking a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP). The DRCOG grant will reduce the cost of a TAP to two sponsoring communities by $5,000, or 33 percent, with the potential for additional matches to reduce cost to the primary sponsor. 

This TAP may support projects at different phases of implementation and may include a new project, advance a conceived project not yet implemented, or examine vacant land with no established direction for development. The TAP study may include a wide range of strategic findings and recommendations, including conceptual design, feasibility analysis, strategic planning or implementation recommendations.

We look forward to reviewing your applications!
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Thank you for applying to participate in a ULI Colorado Technical Advisory Panel! 

For more information, please visit: http://colorado.uli.org/uli-in-action/technical-advisory-panels-taps/

For questions or to get more information, please email Marianne Eppig at marianne.eppig@uli.org. Thank you!
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